Technology in Education: The Next Generation at Risk Essay

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Technology has been around for several years and is still advancing today. During the 1800’s Industrial Revolution, technology was introduced when people began working in factories and cities. Now people in the 21st century are experiencing a new revolution; technology has practically taken over society. However, one place where technology is missing, is in schools. Both educators and policymakers should realize that the world around students is quickly changing and advancing, while the value of education is staying behind and lacking the power to keep students motivated. Technology has the power to fix tomorrows problems but it can also create an economic collapse if not successfully integrated in school environments. Educators and policy makers should focus on expanding technology in schools to prevent low-paid jobs, an economic collapse, or losing the value of education.

Firstly, educators and policy makers should expand technology in schools to prevent low-paid jobs. In the evolving life of students, teaching has not changed since the 19th century; students are still being taught the same way as their ancestors. However, Haugen and Musser reject the idea of incorporating technology in classrooms; they claim, “most subjects don’t change that quickly," which is why innovating education is unnecessary (Haugen and Musser 72). Yet, both researchers make a valid point, they are not seeing the power that technology brings to education. Policymakers need to realize that the next generation of students are the determination of America's success or failure. Functioning the same way it did in the 19th century, can create future economic issues. Two research Professors from Northwestern University, authors of Rethinking Education in t...

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