Teamwork: Dealing with Personalities Essay

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Personalities differ with one person to another. Dealing with other people according to their personality will make the team stronger. Knowing personality type can help me to understand myself better and to improve on my weaknesses.
Personality defines individuals’ inner characters and who they are as a person. Their behavior patterns are consistent around other people as well by themselves. Even though people hide their true personality in social settings, eventually their inner nature comes out.
Personality features define who I am. One of my strong personality traits that I have is friendliness. Even though other people are unfriendly and unwelcome toward me, I show kindness to them. A popular saying, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” fits this type of trait and that is how I want to live by. Another personality feature I am strong in is giving. Giving resources like time and money give me self-satisfaction. Knowing I played a part in someone’s life is fulfilling. Volunteering my time at Relay for Life, sponsored by American Cancer Society, was a fun experience. The event was from sunset to sunrise. The darkness represented the cancer. Throughout the night, I was walking around the track. Sunrise represented a new hope and winning the battle against cancer.
I have some negative sides to my personality. I like to give but sometimes I give too much. For example, I have a Project due the next day and my friend asks if I could help her turn on her phone. Activating a phone can wait another day but in her mind it is a matter of life and death. So I tend to give in to what other people want instead of doing what I need to be doing. As far a time and money go, I am still learning how to manage time and money.

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...and what I need to improve on. After completing the question, it has a graph in which I would put my results. More of a square shape it is, more balanced I am. However, the resulting number does not show the whole story of my personality.
Many of the personality tests improve by asking the right question. In one of the test I took before, it asks a childhood question. People change and I changed ever since my childhood. My personality changed over time from preschool to elementary school to middle school to high school and through college. Instead of asking a childhood question, the test should ask current situation and activities. That way, it can apply to all stages of life.
Knowing my personality helps me to understand who I am as a person. Working together in team at school or at work will be smoother because I know my teams and my strengths and weaknesses.

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