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Throughout my interview with Rose, I reflected on many of the practices I already do in my classroom and others that I can improve upon or add to my instructional practices. I feel one of the most important things in helping a student succeed in science is knowing who he or she is and how I can best help that individual. Often times this is challenging for every student, everyday as I see 180 students throughout the course of the day and all of them are different. Each student comes to my classroom with different backgrounds, different learning styles and different circumstances and it is up to me to figure out ways to use all of their strengths to help them learn. Currently, one way I do this is by presenting lessons in different modalities. In my lesson on bacteria, I give the students the same information but in different ways that fit their learning styles. My students who are mathematically gifted are given a graph of bacteria growth to analyze; some watch a short video showing the exponential growth and others read a scenario that includes the same information. After the initial introduction of the concept, all students have gained the same knowledge, but through different sources. This is followed with a whole class scenario where unknowingly one student plays the role of the infectious bacteria and must “infect” others through a squeezing handshake. Once a student is infected to survive, they must “infect” other students. This data is collected and discussed as a class. Students may choose to draw, graph or show the bacterial growth in any format they believe is best. After reaching a conclusion, the students’ ideas are tested by collecting actual bacterial samples and monitoring the growth. This lesson is a g...

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...lina’s discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole and his work in reducing CFC emissions would help my Hispanic students learn that people from every culture can be a scientist. Looking at his discovery would also help all students understand how one discovery has lead to a greater understanding of our world.
The most important thing I have taken away from Rose’s interview is to know your students and to strive to serve them in the best way possible. There is a wealth of information available from others who have been through similar situations, are experts in a given area or know where to go for available resources, but it involves reaching out and asking people for help. Many of the strategies Rose suggested that she would include in her ideal school are not only good strategies to use with Hispanic students, but also good strategies to teach all students.

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