Steroids Affecting America's Favoirite Past Time Essay

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Steroids Affecting America’s Favorite Past Time
Steroids made its way into MLB in the 1980s until the early 1990s. Unfortunately, steroids have had a negative impact on the game of baseball. It has changed the image of the game and the players who play it. Steroids affect the players’ health and appearance and, of course, gives them an unfair advantage over the other players. Steroids can also lead to severe drug addiction problems. Taking steroids is another form of cheating and without a doctor’s prescription it’s against the law.
There are about 32 types of common steroids. In fact, doctors often prescribe steroids for different diseases like anemia, osteoporosis, even to treat low testosterone levels. The type of steroids that athletes take is called Anabolic steroids, which is a type of hormone that promotes the growth of skeletal muscle and the development of male sexual characteristics in both males and females. Steroids can be used as a performance enhancing drug and baseball players nowadays need to build muscle to stay ahead of the game. Money and fame put a great deal of pressure on Major League Baseball players to perform at their highest level. That is why anabolic steroids became so popular among players, as it promotes muscle building, which in turn increases strength and the ability to hit homeruns. More homeruns equals more money and fame.
The MLB didn’t ban steroids until 1991 and they didn’t start testing the players until 2003. So anyone who had been playing baseball before 2003 are most likely to have been using steroids and is probably an all-star player by now, reaping the benefits because of it. There were only eight players that held the record of the most homeruns in 1961. But in 1996 there...

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...nd even jail. I suggest that if a player in the MLB is caught using steroids they be suspended immediately and any record they have set be removed. It is not fair for the other players that have worked their way to the top without cheating.

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