Steps Involved in Writing a Good Essay

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Most teachers and professors like to assign essays as assignments in their classes. Some students like this but most do not. There are many steps to writing an effective essay; some are easier than others. First you must pick a topic. For many people this is the hardest part of essay writing. Next you have to design a thesis statement. With out that you can not write an effective essay. Then you need to create at least three points that support your thesis. Once you have your points picked you should create an outline. This will help you to explain your points. Finally you need to write a conclusion that sums up every thing you have just written. Writing a paper may seem over whelming but if you follow the steps you can easily create a well written essay.
Picking a topic in my opinion as well as many others, is the hardest part of writing an essay. Some teachers or professors will assign topics which makes it a lot easier to write an essay. Many people like to start by brain storming ideas for their topic. There are many ways to brainstorm you can just write down your ideas, make a concept map, or draw a Venn diagram. When you are picking a topic you have to pick something interesting to you because if you don’t you will have a difficult time writing your essay.
Once you have picked your topic you can move on to designing your thesis statement. To do this you first need to take a stance on your topic. You have to stay with that opinion don’t sway back and forth. You can help yourself design one if you first pose a thesis question such as what am I trying to prove or what impact did this have. You have to be able to argue your thesis, it can’t be all fact but it also can’t be all opinion. If you can’t argue your point you really can’t write a paper around it.
After you complete writing your thesis you need to create at least three supporting points for your thesis. If you can’t make three you should find a new topic or rewrite your thesis. If you have a lot more than three or four pick the ones you feel are most important and will help you make an effective argument.

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Your points have to fully support your thesis and not go against it. You points have to back up your thesis statement.
Once you have the points picked begin outlining your paper find plenty of details and examples that reinforce your points. When you are writing your paper you need to write it like the person reading it has never heard of any thing that you are talking about. When you use an outline to start organizing your paper it is much easier to write your paper. The outline is essentially the skeleton of your paper. Once you have it complete you will only need to add a few words and transitions to have a fully written essay.
Now that you have you topic picked, your thesis created, your support points written, and your paper outlined and written it is time for your conclusion. You conclusion should restate your supports points. But your conclusion should just be restatement of your introduction. An effective conclusion helps to drive home your thesis and sum up your entire paper into a few sentences.
Even though many people dread having to write essays the fact of it is, is that most teacher or professors assign essays and it is just another part of going to school. Although there are many steps to writing an essay if you follow them you will have no trouble creating a very effective essay. Just remember to pick a topic that interest you, make a good thesis, have detailed supporting points, and write a strong conclusion. If you do all of these thing you will end up with a well organized and well written essay as long as you don’t make any spelling errors.

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