Stem Cell Research

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Cells are the basic function of life. Cells are the fundamental unit of all living things, this include animals. Cell is the smallest structure in the human body and has all the properties of being alive. Cells can vary in different shape and sizes. The shape or the size cells are related directly to the function of the cells. (Fremgen & Frucht, 2009, p. 22)
The human body has several different types of cells like cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus. Each cell has their job to do in the human body. The cell membrane has the responsible of allowing some substance to pass into and out of the cell. The cytoplasm is the substance between the cell membrane. The cytoplasm is mostly like water, it provide storage and work area for the cell. Then we have the nucleus, it responsible is the cell metabolism, growth, and reproduction. (Rice, 2008, p. 44)
The stem cells in the human body have three general properties. The stem cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for a long time. The stem cells are more relate to the embryos, adult tissues, and the umbilical accord blood. The embryonic cell is in unspecialized cell, can turn that can turn itself into any type of cell in the human body. The primarily source of the stem cells come from frozen in vitro. The adult stem cell is a more specialized cell and it is found of many kinds of tissue. In the adult stem cells can be finding in bone marrow, skin, and the liver. The stem cell is in the umbilical cord, it has a rich source of precursors of mature blood cells. (Rice, 2008, p. 45-47)
I found an article on Stem Research Cell from President Bush. President Bush vetoes a bill because President Feels the taxpayer shouldn’t support research on surplus embryos at fertility clinics, even if they offer possible medical breakthroughs and are slated for disposal. (Staff, 2006)
The advantage of using stem cell research program is to help with all the birth defect, cancer, generic disorder problem; use can use the stem cell for the medical research project. What about the story on the actor Mr. Reeves, the gentleman play superman. Did anyone new his name was Georges Reeves. He has a spinal cord injury because of a horse riding accident. He was trying to get the congress and the public to support the stem research project.

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Mr. Reeves had the passion to get congress and President Bush to pass the bill. (Staff, 2004)
The disadvantage of the stem cell research is the congress will not let the bill pass, so the medical research will move forward. Their will be many children and adult died because the stem cell was not approve by the government. There is ten problems with the embryonic stem cell research The problems ranging from the issue who or what on the real issues on stem cells, the problem of misusing medical terminology in describe stem cells, understand the ESCR and the human cloning relate to reproductive and therapeutic.(Hollowell, 2009)
If I had the problem comes to me about the stem cell research for the aid in conception of a child. I would approve the stem cell because their lot of mothers on this earth cannot have a child because of a medical reason. Like one medical reason would be a female born without a uterus. Or where the female keep having Ectopic Pregnancy, or they have generic disease they don’t want to pass off to the offspring like the Huntington Disease.
I would support the stem cell research if it promises to help with an injury. One injury comes to mind is the spinal cord injury. The original Superman (Reeves) had a spinal cord injury. Mr. Reeves and his wife were going to different congress meeting and talking to the Politian’s to get the stem cell research approve. Their much spinal cord injury would love to walk again, or to be intimate with their spouse. With a spinal cord injury people they have to depend on their love ones or caregiver to do the basic needs of their daily lives.

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