Stem Cell Research is Murder

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The stem cell research controversy is one of the major headlines in bioscience and has been discussed and debated numerous times throughout the last decade or so.
It became a major issue in 1997/1998 and continued to the 2000’s where George W. Bush joined to the problem by vetoing the first bid that was brought forward by Congress to lift funding restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research. Bush stated after the veto that, “would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others” and also he stated “It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect”. Bush was also supported by children that he said, “began his or her life as a frozen embryo that was created for in vitro fertilization (in vitro means the technique of performing an experiment in a controlled environment outside of a living organism) but remained unused after the fertility treatments were complete… These boys and girls are not spare parts”. Later on that year, Bush signed a bill to ban the creation of human fetuses for the sole purpose of harvesting organs. Soon after, the House proposed another bill that they had hoped him to sign to promote efforts to conduct stem cell research without destroying human embryos. Bush had called it “an important piece of legislation”, but several politics said that it would distract attention from his veto for the funding for human embryonic stem cell research.
Researchers and officials say that about 400 000 frozen embryos are stored at several U.S. fertility clinics with the vast majority await removal because couples that have produced these embryos do not want to raise them and also don’t want another person(s) to raise their biological child.
One problem that I think is an issue in the stem cell debate is the destruction of the stem cells and how it’s practically the same thing as destroying a human being. I don’t believe that researchers and scientists should continue using embryonic stem cells for research because we are obviously not finding a cure for human diseases yet although for animals we are, it’s just not right to destroy a human being if we cannot find treatments for major diseases within a decade or so.

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I believe George W. Bush made a very smart decision during his term as President of the United States because there is no need to spend more money on funding for embryonic stem cells research if we don’t need to. We are destroying lives for no good reason and to prove nothing. Barack Obama will play a huge part in this controversy when either of them gets elected. If Bush calls this murder, how come he allowed it to continue ?

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