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This game is so cool! I can do whatever I want. I can rob the bank, I can hit other people with a baseball bat, and I can kill people. Why do I kill? Because I'm the boss and because I can! This is just a game! These are some thoughts that come into my mind when I play Grand Theft Auto. Many kids in America play many violent games. In fact, forty-two percent of children play at least an hour per day ("Video Games Cause Aggressive… 2). Many people believe that violence in the media doesn't affect a child's behavior at all. Well, I am opposing that viewpoint. Getting rid of some violence in the media will greatly affect children behavior.
Many people don’t believe that viewing some violent acts in the media doesn't really influence the way a person acts. Children learn by observing, imitating, and making behaviors by themselves, which are greatly influenced by the media (Clark 1). Children learn very easily. They spend many of their free time in front of the T.V. Parents tend to use T.V. as a babysitter for kids. Televisions are colorful and fun! Most human are drawn into the mysterious world of the media, starting since they were a little baby. "When television debut in the 1990's, two-third of television sets were owned by families with children less than twelve years of age". Children are theoretically more susceptible to behavioral 
influences when they are actively participating than when they are observers ( Clark 2). I spend most of my after school time locking myself in my room, playing video games. Not just fun video game, but I play violent video games. The amount of time that children spend playing video games is increasing. Research shows that sixty percent of children report that they can play video game longer th...

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...heir bedroom 
(Violent Video Games Are…" 1). So, when a parent thinks that their child is asleep in his room dreaming of sweet dreams, he might actually be playing games that involve hurting other people. Parents do not pay attention to relevant researches, and ratings. Every single parent should start using the ratings. They will join the ninety four percent of parents that find the rating helpful (Video Games Cause Aggressive…" 4).
There are many other options than viewing violent entertainment. A kid should play sports and enjoy outdoor. For example, a kid can lose can calories playing tennis than watching movies that are violent. Bloods and gores are for adults who are mature enough to handle them. It is not appropriate for children. So, make kids active rather than making them violent. It will be great for children to grow healthy and violence less.

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