Should there Be Regulations on Social Media Privacy for Juveniles Essay

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In recent years, the privacy issues on social media have aroused controversial debates. It was argued by Albarran that people are losing control over their personal privacy, given the rapid boom of social sharing (146). No matter what viewpoint one holds towards secrecy, it is undeniable that the intrusion of social media privacy has become so intense that should no one ignore the possible consequences: Users’ information is constantly exploited for commercial use, while privacy loopholes on social networking sites might also intrigue many safety issues, internet fraud, for instance. Youngsters, aged from 13 to 19, are arguably the biggest prey of the struggle of social media confidentiality, for they have merely no choices, but to live with social media (Albarran 148). In order to protect the future generations, regulations on social media privacy have to be formulated: It is necessary to amend internet regulations according to the pace of social changes, while extra protection should also be provided to the underage because of their higher vulnerability comparing with adults. Meanwhile, the stealing of personal privacy should in no way be tolerated.

Internet regulations for youngsters should be modified according to the change of social patterns. The underage is claimed to be digital natives while their heavy reliance towards social networking sites was probably beyond imagination in the old days. Generally, they are accustomed to establishing and maintaining social relationships on the internet. Comparing to seniors, youngsters are more likely to disclose their private lives and personal details to netizens (Johnson). According to a survey done by Pew Research Center in 2013, not only was there an upward trend for youngsters t...

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