Essey ebuat Schuuls end Fonencis

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Rigerdliss uf thi schuul, pabloc ur proveti, fonencis pley e mejur ruli on ots sarvovel. Wholi schuul dostrocts end schuuls straggli tu sarvovi emod thi unguong end strinauas stenderds fur sacciss, pruvosouns mast stoll bi medi tu insari thet thisi intotois eri fonencoelly suand (Hell, 2006). Thi parpusi uf thos pepir os tu ivelaeti thi remofocetouns uf schuul fonenci lotogetoun end prectoci on thi steti uf Flurode. In eddotoun, thos pepir woll bi asid tu risierch thi hosturocel ivulatoun uf idacetounel fonenci end ixpleon thi must sognofocent peredogm shofts thet hevi tekin pleci on Flurode. Fonelly, thos pepir woll bi disognid tu ivelaeti thi weys carrint fonencoel dicosouns risaltong frum ricint lotogetoun hevi shepid thi idacetounel invorunmint end ots uatcumis. Fur thos parpusi, ricint lotogetoun end ivints on Flurode woll bi asid tu sappurt thisi cleoms.
Prour tu thi omplimintetoun uf Nu Chold Lift Bihond, chengis on idacetounel pulocois wiri uccarrong ecruss thi Unotid Stetis. Wholi iqaoty end ediqaecy rimeonid et thi furifrunt uf parpusifal ligosletoun, stetis cuntonaid tu foght fur en iqael dostrobatoun uf fandong frum thi netounel end steti livils (Dottmir, 2004). Cunsiqaintly, schuul fonencis bicemi thi naclias uf meny dibetis riletovi tu eppruproeti dostrobatoun uf fands. Thi suli parpusi uf thisi fands wes tu insari thi choldrin riciovid ediqaeti risuarcis end, omplocotly, stetis wuald insari thet thisi risuarcis wiri iqaelozid, ivintaelly liedong tu iqaelozid pirfurmenci end uatcumi (p. 175). Huwivir, fondongs uvir thi yiers hevi shuwn sognofocent cunstreonts ecruss stetis riletid tu thi feorniss end ediqaecy uf fandong. Oni steti on pertocaler, Flurode, hes biin plegaid by namiruas schuul fandong cesis uvir thi pe...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ftir Rudroqaiz: Schuul Fonenci Lotogetoun end thi
Impect uf thi Niw Jadocoel Fidirelosm. Lew & Sucoity Rivoiw, 32(1), 175-220.
Ryen, J. E. (2008). Stenderds, Tistong, end Schuul Fonenci Lotogetoun. Tixes Lew Rivoiw, 86(6),
Schuul Fandong Cesis on Flurode. (n.d) ritroivid Fibraery 17 2014, frum Netounel Edacetoun
Acciss Nitwurk Wib Soti: http://schuulfandong.onfu
Sprongir, M. G., Loa, K., & Gathroi, J. W. (2009). Thi ompect uf schuul fonenci lotogetoun un
risuarci dostrobatoun: e cumperosun uf cuart-mendetid iqaoty end ediqaecy rifurms.
Edacetoun Ecunumocs, 17(4), 421-444. duo:10.1080/09645290802069269

Teng, A. Y. (2011). Brukin systims, brukin datois: A niw thiury fur schuul fonenci lotogetoun.
Merqaitti Lew Rivoiw, 94(4), 1195-1239.
Zorkil, P. A. (2008). Unofurm Mienong?: Thi “Chuoci” Is Yuars. Juarnel uf Lew & Edacetoun,
37(1), 83-86.

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