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“Probably no relationship in a school district has a greater effect on successful education than that between a board and its superintendent (Kowalski, 2006).” The key to any successful relationship is getting to know one another. In order to do this you must begin with open and honest communication. Communication involves listening and learning as much, if not more so, than it implies talking. In developing a successful relationship with a new school board I would immediately begin setting up meetings with the individual board members so that I could get to know each of them personally in an effort to build both social and human capital. These meetings would be held at each board member’s convenience… preferably at a meal time and at the restaurant of their choice. This will give me a better idea of each member’s preference of time and location of availability for future reference. During each of these meetings there are several items I would ensure that we covered:
1. What history of the school district do they feel I need to know to help the district be successful in its efforts to increase student achievement?
2. What is the board member most proud of about their school system and in their service to the school system?
3. What do they feel is the most pressing issue facing the school board?
4. What is their vision for the district?
From these answers I would hope to glean each board member’s level of commitment to the district as a whole and/or to their specific community within the district. My first “meal meeting” would be with the board president in deference to his/her position. Thereafter I would try to set up meetings with each board member based on their years of service on the board.
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...ogan talk about “power-with rather than power-over” in chapter 3 of the book The Politics of Leadership (2005). Kowlaski states “that the most effective superintendents are those who work with their board members to build a team that clarifies purpose and makes decisions based on data (Kowalski, 2006).” My goal is to create a collaborative team that works toward the best interest of each student in our district. By focusing on the success of the student we ensure the success of us all. There truly is power in numbers when the numbers are all working together.

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