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The design of a building is often reflective of its function. Without certain accommodations and details, a building will be visually appealing, but mostly useless to its inhabitants. The function of a school is particularly dependent upon its design. The design of New Spring Middle School will reflect the holistic middle school concept.
The overall design of campus will advocate the holistic focus of New Spring Middle School. Learning Gardens and a wetland area will exist as additional academic resources for students. In addition, these areas will be a source of creativity. An example of these resources would entail the use of the gardens by science and industrial classes to grow vegetables. Once these plants mature, Family and Consumer Science course would use the vegetables for creating food dishes. In this way, the campus design advocates interclass communication and an integrated curriculum. Besides garden areas, the campus of New Spring Middle School will include athletic areas to promote physical health. These areas will serve both competitive and intramural sports in order to support the physical wellness of all students. Finally, the Great Lawn on campus is designed specifically to promote the middle school concept. The lawn will serve as a resource for athletic activities and for communal events such as team activities. Having a large meeting place like the Great Lawn will encourage teachers to develop holistic activities for their entire team. Assembling students as one team will support intellectual and social development, while highlighting the communal nature of the middle school concept. The campus design of New Spring Middle School advocates the holistic middle school philosophy of the school.

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...rms of technology, classrooms will have a Smart Board, whiteboards, and netbooks for students. These resources will support the intellectual development of students, while serving as means of attracting students to learning. Finally, every classroom in a team block will have a class library and curriculum closet. These areas will provide additional academic resources for students. The design of team classrooms in New Spring Middle School will support its holistic development philosophy.
In conclusion, the overall design of New Spring Middle School promotes the holistic middle school concept. From the entire campus to the individual classroom, holistic development is supported and an emphasis on teaming is stressed. By designing a facility that reflects the philosophy of the school, students will have maximum potential to develop into healthy adolescents.

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