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I. Every year, over 100 million animals sit in U.S laboratories waiting to be burned, crippled, poisoned and abused (“11 Facts about Animal Testing” par.1).
a. Animals deserve the same security and wellbeing as humans and therefore should not be subjected to that kind of neglect and abuse.
b. Animals that are a part of some kind of new medication research rarely make it out alive. In fact, 92% of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or don’t work (“11 Facts about Animal Testing” par. 2), only substantiating the point that animals will not react to medications the same way that humans will.
c. Many animals are subjected to pain and suffering for no good reason. People think that just because they cannot speak for themselves, that it is ok to treat them as they please; they act as if animals are incapable of being able to feel pain. These people are wrong. Animals are living, breathing creatures that can feel just as humans can. All of this animal neglect and abuse needs to end, and animal rights need to be more strongly enforced.
d. Animal testing should be prohibited as it is morally wrong and animals deserve the same respect and wellbeing as humans.
II. Although the number of animals being tested on may have decreased drastically in the past, they are now higher than ever, with animals ranging from birds, cats, dogs, fish, frogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, monkeys, rabbits, and rats losing their lives every day.
a. While animal activist may have decreased the number of animals used in scientific testing before, they have slowly bounced back with over 100 million suffering in U.S. laboratories every year.
i. In 1994, the number of animals used i...

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...y have to say will not make a difference; but fact is, with enough people, their voice will be heard.

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