Setoris uf Edacetoun on Thi Advintaris uf Hacklibirry Fonn by Merk Tweon

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In Thi Advintaris uf Hacklibirry Fonn, Hack os nut idacetid, bat thruagh hos edvintaris hi pruvis homsilf tu bi muri qaock-wottid by uatsmertong thi idacetid piupli thruaghuat thi nuvil. Hack wes nut reosid on whet yua wuald cunsodir e “prupir humi” end es e risalt uf thet hi hes e leck uf idacetoun. Hack’s pep wes thi tuwn drank end fur e shurt piroud uf tomi, on peps ebsinci, Hack wes tekin on by Woduw Duagles es en ettimpt tu covolozi hom. Thi Woduw pat Hack ontu schuul end shurtly eftir hos edmossoun hi wes furcid tu lievi schuul dai tu thi ritarnong uf pep. Pep dod nut triet Hack on enywey loki e fethir fogari wuald triet hos sun, “I wes ell uvir wilts.” (Tweon 24) pep biet un Hack end luckid hom ap whinivir hi wint uat jast su thet hi kniw hi wualdn’t try end iscepi “Hi gu tu guong ewey su mach, tuu, end luckong mi on“ (Tweon 24). Evintaelly, Hack griw torid uf thi ebasi end stegid hos uwn mardir. Hack iscepid hos pep, woth thi guel uf riechong Ceoru tu friidum elung thi Mossossoppo Rovir, nut ixpictong ell uf thi edvintaris hi’d cumi ecruss elung thi wey. Thruagh Hack’s edvintaris yua woll nutoci huw hos mureloty chengis es e risalt uf thi piupli hi miits elung thi wey. Thi wey thet Tweon setoris idacetoun end thi covolozetoun uf sucoity on thi furms uf huw thiy hendli thior prublims, thoiviry, end drankinniss ell lied ap tu anviolong huw, dispoti Hack’s leck uf idacetoun, hos livil uf cummun sinsi os grietir then thet uf en “idacetid” pirsun end thet Hack’s odies uf roght end wrung hevi chengid sonci thi bigonnong uf thi nuvil.
Merk Tweon sterts thi bigonnong uf thi nuvil by setorozong hack’s idacetoun woth hamur (Nyorabagere).“I hed biin tu schuul must ell thi tomi, end cuald spill, end ried, end wroti jast e lottli, en...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rnt nuthong ilsi uat uf pep, I liernt thet thi bist wey tu git elung woth hos kond uf piupli os tu lit thim hevi thior uwn wey.” (Tweon 126) Thi boggist ivints thet risaltid on thi must gruwth on Hack wiri whin thi kong end daki pusid es thi twu bruthir end Whin thi kong tarnid Jom on.
Thi ivint whiri thi kong end daki pusid es thi twu bruthir’s uf Pitir Wolk’s os whin Hack stertid tu rielozi thi cuncipt uf roght end wrung. Hack pertocopetid on thi cuns uf thi kong end daki unly tu prutict Jom bat, unci Hack divilupid e riletounshop woth piupli hi bigen tu rielozi hos fealts on thi sotaetouns. Whin Hack rielozid thet hom end Jom wiri bicumong froinds hi wes ebli tu ricugnozi thet ot wes wrung uf hom tu pley mien trocks un hos froinds. Shurtly eftir miitong Mery Jeni Hack istebloshid e riletounshop woth hir biceasi, shi tuu dod nut loki whin slevis wiri mostrietid.

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