Same-Sex Marriage Must Remain Legal Essay

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Over the past five years same-sex marriage has become one of the most controversial issues in the United States, many social activist strive to aid homosexuals and their fight to legalize same-sex marriage. Marriage is a fundamental right not a privilege. Gay men and women should not be discriminated against based on their sexuality. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people that love each other no matter the sex, race, or religion. Everyday homosexuals are treated unfairly; most were born gay and cannot help their feelings. Being gay in America today is very difficult, you have to hide who you are just to be accepted. All homosexual’s really want is to be treat fairly and to get all the right they deserve, like marriage. As Americans we need to come together in order to make a change happen. Legalizing same-sex may change lives in America but it will change for the better. Throughout the United States, social activist strive to spread marriage equality through legislative advocacy, educational campaigns, and social networks.
Activists, hope that marriage equality laws will show that it is a human right to get married, and it is constitutionally wrong to deny rights from a group of people just because we do not agree with their life choices so, they encourage legislators to pass national laws allowing gay marriage. There has been many bills involving same-sex marriage trying to get passed but so far none has been approved. When Terry McAuliffe first ran for governor in 2009, he ran a conventionally cautious Democratic campaign, endorsing civil unions for gay couples but warning that Virginia would be unlikely to accept gay marriage. According to Alexander Burns and his article New Gay Battleground: Virginia...

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