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Years of war, lack of security and traditional believes have decreased Afghan women’s role in the Afghan Society substantially. The role of women in Afghanistan is very trivial and it is visible specifically in the business environment. The Afghan society doesn’t consent a woman entering the world of business and find her position in this world. It is based on some believes that a woman should stay at home and never speak about business. It is difficult for the Afghan men to accept the idea that a woman can enter and compete in the business world. Afghan women were deprived of education during the Taliban regime for years and still are threatened in many areas in Afghanistan when they go to school and when they take part in business. Lack of education and unsafe environment for Afghan women have forced them to stay home. In addition to all these challenges, lack of financial support and capital leave Afghan women struggling in the business environment.
Lack of social support and discrimination is very visible against Afghan women in the Afghanistan’s business environment. Afghan businesswomen are not supported by their families or the Afghan society. Though there are women working in the public and private sectors, it is not a welcoming environment for them most of the times due to traditional Afghan believes about women and lack of support from their families. Most of the women in Afghanistan shut the doors and stay at home because of such limitations. Afghanistan’s business environment is not welcoming for non-educated or educated Afghan women. Although they might have valuable ideas about new businesses but there is no one to hear their voices. Ruqia Balkhi a woman who runs a construction company says: “In Afghanistan, th...

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