Role of Research in Management Essay

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Role of Research in Management
Research can be viewed from the perspective of a continuum from studies that expand knowledge about business and management in general on one end to studies that solve specific problems and add new knowledge in a limited context on the other end (Saunders, et al., 2009). Regardless of where a research project falls on the continuum, the findings can be a helpful aid to management. Generalized findings from university studies on management and human behavior theory can provide a manager with insight into handling a situation or dealing with employees, while specific studies enacted within the firm or the industry can provide management with a proper perspective when making decisions about the firm.
Research is not a complete solution to a problem, but it can help provide clarity to the decision making process. Data from a study can augment a perspective on a situation that may have been very narrowly focused before. However, it’s important to balance quality and quantity when it comes to using research. Higher quality information can lead to better decision making, but too much information might also lead to poorer decisions as decision makers are burdened with information overload (Paul, Saunders, & Haseman, 2005). Another drawback to using research to support decisions is that groups tend to accept information that supports their “preferred positions”; information that does not support the preferred solution is not considered (p. 82). This can lead to skewed decisions.
Applied research, which is research that improves understanding of a specific business or management problem (Saunders, et al., 2009) can be helpful to management when making decisions for the firm, such as launching a new product...

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...t realize that respondents do not know everything. It can be helpful to understand what the market looks like, what customers are buying currently, how they feel about certain things. But a business should also be developing products and services on their own, not relying solely on what customers are asking for.
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