The Role of Continuous Improvement in Management Essay

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What is Continuous Improvement?
Continuous improvement, defined by as “Programmed, and an almost unbroken, flow of improvements realized under a scheme such as Kaizan, lean production, or total quality management (TQM)”. Evans and Lindsay defines continuous improvement as incremental changes, which are small and gradual, and breakthrough, or large and rapid, improvements. They go on to say that the improvements may take on several forms such as enhancing value to the customer through new and improved products and services; Reducing errors, defects, waste, and their related costs; Increasing productivity and effectiveness in the use of all resources; and improving responsiveness and cycle time performance for such processes as resolving customer complaints or new product introduction. I am an auditor by profession, and continuous improvement in my line of work involves the simplification of work processes and simultaneous improvements in quality and productivity.
The Role of Continuous Improvement in Management
I think all managerial activities are directed at improvement. Managers strive to improve performance, if the business stands still they will lose their competitive edge. In working for a contracted medicare auditing company, I know that a competitive edge is very important if the business intends to survive. Management provides us with a focused auditing process that incorporates all aspects of continuous improvement. The process entails how we treat certain reviews from start to finish, and even involves the work-papers used to complete audits. Work papers are constantly updated to meet the federal government changes in policy, and management also improves the efficiencies of each work pa...

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...vement as management plays a vital role in the success of the organization. Whether it is via improving policies, procedures, or improving the work flow management continually improves the work process. This contributes to higher efficiencies at lower costs while adding revenue. Managers who successfully apply continuous improvement have leadership skills and are capable of handling several tasks at one time. The greater the knowledge of continuous improvement in management the better off the organization is.

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