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When I think of cult, the “I don’t care if you’re offended, I’m being me” attitude comes to mind. When that comes to mind, the very first film director I could imagine is Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie holds some of the most intensely weird films you could think of. When I began watching cult films, I was reminded of Zombie and the way he has no shame in putting things out there that many would disapprove of. Most cult films are made for people who like weird things, not for those who enjoy the Hollywood mainstream and “happy thoughts”. Not only does Rob Zombie have all of these features, but he is damn good at putting them together to create excellently painful films to watch. Many of the films we view are full of rape, violence, blood, and hate. Rob Zombie is known for combining all of those to form a thrilling horror story you wouldn’t ever be able to think of yourself. Based on his “cult like” attributes of violence, positioning himself on the opposite of mainstream, and having religious-like fans and followers, I believe Rob Zombie should qualify to be a cult auteur.
Another form of cult auteur that we learned about was the “great auteurs”, which hold the theory of having a consistent style or theme. I believe that Zombie has a very set idea when it comes to his films, and he always knows what to do based on a previous film. For instance, other than the fact that House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects follow each other, they also show strong comparison with his other films. Zombie has had a long time period and stretch between different films, yet every one has that same “grimy” theme. Even when Zombie was remaking all of the Halloween films, he was still sticking to his script of style as he did with even one of his latest films...

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..., and loved by many), and was successfully able to transform his talent into directing films that draw all different types of audiences in. Rob Zombie’s latest film had been anticipated by so many of his fans, and they surely were not dissapointed with his work in Lords of Salem. Most importantly, Zombie is able to take “classic” ideas, and turn them into bizzare yet extremely interesting ones...and that, is what cult cinema is all about. Wrapping things up, I believe that Rob Zombie is truly an inspiring film director, and does indeed fall into the cult auteur category.

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