Risks and Limitations of Genetic Testing Essay

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People might have different reasons for genetic testing. For some people it may be important to know if they will be diagnosed with a disease in a future or not, some may want to know whether the disease could be prevented or treated. Genetic testing is a type of medical test that can identify changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The result of this test can tell the person's chance of developing any genetic disorder. Some cases the cause of the illness could be unknown to the physician. Genetic testing will also help them to determine the cause of the disease and the possible cure.
There are different techniques being used on adults for genetic testing .The most common technique is, blood sample it is mostly used in adults for source of DNA. Blood samples are the most common method for genetic testing. The genesis will put the patient in a select group where all the people in that group had their genome read out by chemical letters. To start this process a nurse will first draw the patient blood, and the sample will be sent to the company name Illumina. They will process the blood and extract its genetic materials. Proteins and fats are washed away, and fibers clump together. The purpose of this process is to access the persons DNA, those fibers are DNA. The DNA will be sheered into fragments to get its sequence. DNA contains chemical known by their first letters, A T C and G. Mutation or damaged genome trace the what kind of disease the person have. After sequencing the decoded genome, the genesis must figure out what it all means, they compare the patient’s genome with thousands of others, mainly by the reference genome. If the genome is different, then it could mean that the change is unique to the patient. Other techn...

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...e. It can help us to take control of our own future. The relief from negative test result could eliminate any need for regular checkups especially for people with cancer history in their family. Positive test result can direct a person towards possible treatments, monitoring or even prevention. There are certain diseases that the doctors do not know what it is or the treatment for it, doctors turn to genetic to find the cause and cure for it and save the patient’s life.

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