Review on What Aspects of Vocabulary Knowledge Do Textbooks Give Attention To

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This paper is devoted to the discussions about three main areas of the selected article-- What aspects of vocabulary knowledge do textbooks give attention to.

In first place, an examination of the possible philosophical assumption, which seems existing ontologically and epistemologically behind the research approach. Greener(2011) suggests knowing of some widely debated philosophical ideas would give researchers more chances accomplishing good researches. Because such knowledge could throw a light in the way scholars choose and organise certain methods. Then an alternative way conducting the research is tentatively put forward. Pring(2000) has argued that the clear watershed set between quantitative and qualitative approaches does not seem quite wise in educational researches. And also, Creswell(2003) shows his supportive position towards mixed-methods. Thus here changes will be made at this level with considerations of such concern. As the last part, the discussion will mainly focus on how the research proceeds under the framework applied and the what kind of implications have been suggested by this research concerning the practice of textbooks designing. Points related to theory-driven and data-driven would be covered in this process to illustrate the relationship between the theory the the research.

Together, the intention of this paper is to dive under the apparent research procedures and findings in the article provided by the author. That is to say, to see deeper into how the author would do the research in this way and what is leading such choices.

1.What is behind the methodology and methods

In this part, the author's philosophical assumptions latent beneath the methodology and method. This ...

... middle of paper ...

...uch issues. Then, the discussion about giving an alternative way of conducting the research has applied with me a good chance to look at multiple facets of methodology and methods. Such practice could help new researchers to improve their skills and depth of thinking. Last but not the least, the examination of how theory research and practice interact within the context and potentially is indeed interesting and helpful. This is a training of systematically understanding researches thereby gaining some ideas of how a good research should be structured and kept consistent. With regards to the limitation of space, the discussions are surely not sufficient enough to get clear every points. For an example, the details of how to perform the suggested mixed-methods way of research. In future, efforts should be made by me to provide better theory-grounded profound arguments.

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