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It was a special day, a day very much akin to a day in a life of a syndicated series, but with no commercials. You see, it was this day one week prior that Captain Planet and the Planeteers had vanquished all of the Eco-Villains (Hoggish Greedly, Dr. Blight, Duke Nukem, Looten Plunder, Verminous Skumm, Sly Sludge, Captain Pollution, and even the nefarious Zarm himself) in an escapade so daring that they incidentally cured global warming, air pollution, and world hunger simply because their heroics were so epic in scale. The initial parade in their honor was a grand affair, but it left the Planeteers feeling drained. There were many an interview that needed to be done and an endless string of fanatical supporters that had to be dealt with. Altogether, the fanfare proved to be more of a hassle than a true celebration and the Planeteers wanted a more personal affair. After much deliberation, it was decided that the only way to properly commemorate their victory was with a night out…at a Mexican restaurant in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania named El Canelo’s.
In my personal (bias) opinion, they could not have made a better choice. This unassuming restaurant is one of several in the Erie area, with another having been established in my hometown, which I am eternally grateful for. This particular restaurant is situated in a large plaza, sharing the space with a K-mart, tanning beds, a tax service, and other odds and ends. Every time I go there I can’t help, but draw the corollary between the plaza and a romanticized vision of a dusty, sun bleached town from the old west, just over the Rio Grande where people watch the sun crawl across the sky and eat authentic, delicious Mexican delicacies all day long. Truly, it is a dream. From the outsi...

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..., which gives the appearance of it being fried, and then it is served in a sugary sweet tortilla bowl and topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry. If you can fit it in, it’s the best way to put a period on the end of a Mexican restaurant style feast.
On the way out the Planeteers pay the sizable bill and make sure to thank everyone semi-patiently waiting for them to leave at the table in the back corner for such an excellent meal. They return the praise with a smile and a wave, and then the Planeteers head out the door into the cool night. Stopping outside their Geo-Cruiser, they look back to survey the scene of an utterly surprising and grand gorging. With a collective sigh, they prepare for their journey home. Once seated, Ma-Ti perks up and says, “So, same time next week?” To which everyone emits raucous spurts of laughter as the credits roll.

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