Remembering the Frauds at Enron and WorldCom Essay

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"This is why the market keeps going down every day - investors don't know who to trust," said Brett Trueman, an accounting professor from the University of California-Berkeley's Haas School of Business. As these things come out, it just continues to build up"(CBS MarketWatch, Hancock). The memories of the Frauds at Enron and WorldCom still haunt many investors. There have been many accounting scandals in the United States history. The Enron and the WorldCom accounting fraud affected thousands of people and it caused many changes in the rules and regulation of the corporate world. There are many similarities and differences between the two scandals and many rules and regulations have been created in order to prevent frauds like these. Enron Scandal occurred before WorldCom and despite the devastating affect of the Enron Scandal, new rules and regulations were not created in time to prevent the WorldCom Scandal. Accounting scandals like these has changed the corporate world in many ways and people are more cautious about investing because their faith had been shaken by the devastating effects of these scandals. People lost everything they had and all their life-savings. When looking at the accounting scandals in depth, it is unbelievable how much to the extent the accounting standards were broken.
Enron Corporation started back in 1985. It was created as a merger of Houston Natural Gas and Omaha based InterNorth as a interstate pipeline company (CbcNews). Kenneth Lay was the former chief executive officer of Houston natural gas merged his company with another natural gas line company, Omaha Based InterNorth. During the time of the merger there were many arguments amongst the two companies and in the end Ken Lay the former C...

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...ent expense the year it incurred. Due to the reporting error, in 2001 $3.055 billion was misclassified and 4791 million in the first quarter of 2002 (Law Maryland). In order to avoid getting caught, WorldCom was trying to be slick by leaving some line costs as current expense so that the error in classifying would not be easily detectible. This error in classifying expenses cause WorldCom to increase net income and assets. This fraud was found by the companies internal audit, Cynthia cooper, on May 2002. This detection was not good news to Arthur Anderson as they were the outside auditors of WorldCom. Anderson had already been affected by Enron scandal and neglecting to do to their job correctly. But with WorldCom they claimed that the chief financial officer Scott Sullivan did not tell them about the line costs being capitalized and they were unaware of this fact.

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