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Secrets within The Blacklist play a huge role given the audience a sense of urgency. Although to some the show is to be just a form of entertainment, but there are others who believe that The Blacklist is a construction or the “Spectacle” ,as Guy Debord would phrase it, in which the ruling class uses spectacles to deceive the public of things that are really in effect in congress to maintain the status quo. The Blacklist shows a lot of gender stereotyping for example, Red is the main character, but has a female “side kick” which is broadcasted to be Red’s daughter Liz. When viewing shows like The Blacklist many viewers do not look at the social standards that are consumed on a day to day basis.
Throughout the physical research of this study I have found out a lot more about this show than could have ever crossed minds before, one example being that this show has be premiered and marketed so well to the point that the viewer have almost no resistance to not believe what the show is trying to instill into our minds. These shows also categorize the characters, some are “good” guys and others are bad guys, but who is actually decided these labels? Are the categories fair? Many would say yes based off the plot line of the show, but some wonder if the bad guys have an equal amount of air time to defend themselves. These factors bring up a conflict of narration weather or not every character is portrayed in a way that they could be like-able which not the case in The Blacklist is. This “good” guy, bad guy routine is commonly used in crime shows and movies, but is not a true example of real life that these shows depict to do. In a sense these real-life shows are the complete opposite not giving the audience a real conclusion o...

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