Essay on Regulation Data Protection and Personal Data Privacy

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Background 1
Statement of Purpose 1
Scope 2
Limitations 2
Methods of Research 2

CHAPTER 2 - FINDINGS 3…………………………………………………………3

Current Regulations 3
Current Expectations from customers 6
Reason Additional Regulations should be added 8
Future Potential 9


Conclusions 11
Recommendations 12


This report will describe the history of government regulations and FTC. How that applied to Google search and personal privacy. The changes made from the settlement between Google and the FTC, the difference Google's practices and policies from before the settlement and after the settlement, and the current demands and expectations from current and vocal Google users. The report will also draw a conclusion from the findings and will determine if additional regulations are needed or if the regulations currently in place are sufficient.
The finding of this report are based on four different factors for different factor for analysis of personal data protection and personal data privacy. The first is current regulations, which ……

the second factor taken into the current expectation from customer…

the third factor discuss the reason additional regulations should be added.


In today’s fast paced technology, search engines have become vastly popular use for people’s daily routines. A search engine is an information retrieval system that allows someone to search the...

... middle of paper ...

...f Espionage, Intelligence and Security (Vol. 2, pp. 143-144). Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from

Hillier, A., & Culhane, D. (2013). GIS Applications and Administrative Data to Support Community Change. In M. Weil (Ed.), The Handbook of Community Practice (2nd ed., pp. 827-844). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. Retrieved from

Google Privacy Policy, See also
Google Privacy FAQ,<>

Google Privacy FAQ, id. at section 5.

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