Reflections of my Past to Guide My Future Essay

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Have you ever felt that you have been rooted to the stage of your life way longer then necessary? Sometimes it feels that no matter how many times you try to move forward, you just keep coming back to the same familiar place, isolated and lost. That is how I recently felt about my own life until I realized that I did not have to be stuck in limbo. It was time for me to move onto a new chapter and begin living again.
Even though isolation can cause anti socialism and depression, people can overcome bad circumstances and turn a dysfunctional past into a flourishing future full of wonderful relationships. This is the story of my life and how I am now overcoming the obstacles that seem to weigh down my progress throughout my journey.
I was supposed to be born the New Years baby of 1977 in the small farming community of Pomeroy, WA. To my mother’s dismay, my birth bypassed the 1st of the year, and I was born on January 19. We were not a wealthy family by any means, and those delightful gifts that the first baby of the year received, compliments of Garfield Memorial Hospital, would have sure came in handy. Needless to say, we left the hospital 2 days later empty handed.
We lived in a huge Victorian house tucked away in the rambling hills surrounding the small community of Pomeroy. To this day, it still bewilders me why we lived there. I suppose it could be that my dad worked for the rancher that owned our house, or that the town was swarming with my family’s history. Never the less, the town itself was an eyesore. There was a one-pump gas station that was definitely in need of some major repairs and the only eating joint looked like it was originally erected in the 1500’s.
We did not stay long though. My mother...

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...e as individuals can overcome anything. We do not have to be products of our environments. Being isolated and depressed does not mean that your life ends, its actually presents an opportunity to open a door to the beginning of a new chapter. Whether or not you chose to step into that door is a choice that only you as an individual can make.

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