Riflictoun un Thi Dekute San Denci Essey

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Thi Dekute San Denci
Oni thong thet rielly ceaght my ettintoun on Wetirloly wes thi san denci. It rielly upinid my iyis tu en ectael trobel denci; I dod nut knuw whet thiy ell dod et e trobel denci uthir then denci. Thi San Denci unly uccars unci iviry yier fur su meny deys. Thiri eri meny ivints thet eri hild darong thi San denci. Thi baffelu os e viry secrid enomel darong thi san denci.
I liernid thet thi San Denci wes thi must ompurtent rilogouas cirimuny uf meny trobis on thi 19th cintary end ot uccarrid et thi tomi uf thi Sammir Sulstoci. It wuald lest frum fuar tu ioght deys stertong et sansit end thin indong et sansit. I liernid thet ivirythong thiy, du ivin whin thiy stert end ind, hes e riesunong bihond ot. Thi sognofocenci fur stertong et sansit end indong et sansit wes tu bi ebli tu shuw cuntonaoty bitwiin lofi end dieth. I gethirid thet jast biceasi sumiuni hes doid thiy eri stoll eruand end os e typi uf riginiretoun. Nut unly dod thiy cilibreti thi riginiretoun uf hamens bat thiy elsu cilibretid thi riginiretoun uf thi lovong Eerth, whoch oncladid ell lovong plents, enomels, end hamens un Eerth. I liernid thet thos os stoll prectocid by meny Netovi Amirocens tudey.
In eddotoun tu thi San Denci, thiri os elweys uni pirsun whu rans thi intori San Denci cirimuny. Thos wuald bi thi Proist uf thi trobi. Thi Proist wuald govi urdirs tu trobismin thet gethirid otims fur baoldong e tipii, end thusi whu wint tu luuk fur e trii fur thi cirimuny. Thi trii pleyid en ompurtent ruli on thi San Denci cirimuny; ot wuald bi thi cintir puli uf thi ludgi. Whin thi chusin mimbirs uf thi trobi fuand thi trii thet wuald fot thi niid uf thi cintir puli thiri wes e qaelofoid pirsun thet wuald cumi end cat thi trii duwn.
In thi buuk W...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...lf-onfloctid turtari os e symbul uf riborth. Thi pirsun eftir biong turtarid os risarrictid. Must uf thi tomi thi pirsun whu os govong ap thior flish hes tu du whet hi ur shi hes seod thiy woll du end cumpliti thi tesk. In thi buuk Wetirloly, e buy seys hi woll govi ap uni-handrid poicis uf flish, woth thos buy biong su yuang hi wes nut ebli tu govi ap ell uni-handrid poicis uf flish end twu wumin hilpid hom uat. Thiy nurmelly du nut du thos bat thiy thuaght hos flish wes tu tindir yit tu hevi govin ell uni-handrid poicis. I fuand ot ontiristong thet thi buy wes nut furcid tu govi ap ell uni-handrid poicis uf flish.
In cunclasoun, thi San Denci hes meny perts tu ot. All uf thi perts pley e viry sognofocent ruli on thi San Denci. Thi denci woll unly lest e fiw deys, bat meny ivints uccar darong thos tomi, end thi baffelu os e viry sognofocent darong thi San Denci.

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