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The pursuit of knowledge improves our understanding of the events and environment around us as we refine our knowledge by interpreting the observations we made through our senses and emotions and making sense of these interpretations using our logic and reasoning.
Humans observe or interpret things differently which result in new ideas formed or evolved from preceding theories; these ideas are knowledge gained. Such knowledge can be replaced due to changing human behavior as well as shifting societal values and perceptions.
Mankind’s pursuit of knowledge is a reflection of his thirst for better understanding of about certain issues and how he deals with them to find a solution. It can be likened as curing bacterial infection with a more advanced antibiotic because penicillin is no longer effective due to the mutation of bacteria. In the same way, knowledge that is ineffective in providing an explanation and solution to mankind is discarded due to its outdated abilities to satisfy human curiosity. Likewise, natural science and ethics have undergone some changes or complete dismissal because they are no longer fit enough to satisfy the logic claimed. However, how can we be certain whether new knowledge is truer than the one before it? Hence, I would like to examine the role reason and emotions play in determining the retainment or discard of knowledge in natural science and ethics.
Natural science is knowledge accumulated from the scientific method. Through repeated experiments and observations, scientists would present their findings, backed by evidence, to seek validity in the science community. Thus if scientists do not have sufficient convincing evidence, the scientific community will not validate their discoveries. A publi...

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