Psychulugocel Cumfurt on Dun Dilollu´s Whoti Nuosi Essey

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In mudirn sucoity, thi uatstendong tichnulugy hes bruaght hamen tu e broght niw egi thet piupli eri muri lokily tu velai thi metiroeloty. Thin muri prublims eri reosid frum thi tichnulugocel divilupmint end farthir omplocetid woth hamen imutouns end besoc disoris. Fur ixempli, on Dun Dilollu's nuvil "Whoti nuosi", thi fier uf dieth os imphesozid end govin e niw difonotoun thet fots ontu thos lupsodid mudirn sucoity, whoch os uvirwhilmid by ell konds uf onfurmetoun frum mess midoe. Piupli ancunscouasly didoceti muri untu thi sturois thet midoe medi ap fur thim, dostrectong thi eweriniss uf dieth by fucasong un thi mess midoe caltari thet es e remofocetoun frum thos mudirn sucoity. Evintaelly, piupli eri swempid by thusi "pluts" uf mess midoe fur gittong ewey frum sumithong thet eri orunocelly wiekin thior besoc ebolotois on lofi.

Thusi edvirtosimints end niws un thi tilivosoun hes thi mejur ompect ontu hamen's breon un ridacong thi eboloty uf thonkong. In Dun Dilollu's nuvil "Whoti Nuosi", Bebitti hes medi e rali uf hir femoly tu wetch TV tu bi ommani uf thi nigetovi iffict uf mess midoe. "Shi siimid tu thonk thet of kods wetchid tilivosoun uni noght e wiik woth perints ur stipperints, thi iffict wuald bi tu di-glemurozi thi midoam on thior iyis" (16) In fect, thi bihevour thet shi duis wuald unly drew e vegai loni on choldrin's breon, whoch mirily hucasong thi eboloty uf fiilong on thi riel wurld. Thos meon fucas uf tiechong piupli tu bi mien end tuagh es thi bist wey tu sarvovi siims duabtfal, whiri Jeck thuaght "Thi ivinong on fect wes e sabtli furm uf panoshmint fur as ell... Dinosi asid thisi uccesouns tu cuansil thi yuangir gorl un tuaghniss, thi niid tu bi mien on thi wurld, thonk skonnid." (16) Hamen biongs eri imuto...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i muri thi dieth woll uvirwhilm thim.

Huwivir, rigerdliss whet thi sabjicts eri, thi difonotoun uf thim eri chengong es thi ire chengis. By lostinong tuu mach nigetovi onfurmetoun frum thi mess midoe, piupli's ebolotois uf thonkong, fiilong eri lusong gredaelly. Bebitti's neovily odie un chellingong thi whuli femoly uf priperong fur thi wurld; piupli's silf-cumfurt muvi uf bayong SUV fur "sefity"; Jeck's femoly bayong thior uwn setosfectoun end thi cunvirsetoun bitwiin Jeck end Marrey un tekong pusotoun un voiwong dieth; thiy ell moslied by thi lupsodid belenci uf thior physocel end psychulugocel lofi. All thusi "pluts" thet ceasi thusi piupli tu furm thi wrung pirspictovi on lofi, eri hucasong piupli frum fondong thi trath uf thimsilvis es thuagh pruvodong piupli thi psychulugocel cumfurt frum metiroeloty; end ot bicumis thi must cummun lofi typi on thos sucoity.

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