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Psychic attacks can have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives, a psychic attack can undermined our relationships by ripping and tearing apart the very foundation in which we have built our lives upon. I was contacted in March of this year by a young man whose life was gravely impacted and torn apart by a vicious psychic attack.

This young man's ordeal started when he approached a psychic that set up shop at a local fair in his hometown, he had never had a psychic reading before and in fact he had often scoffed at the idea of a psychic reading, he probably would've been better off had he never approached this gypsy for a reading. During the reading the lady became insulted and incensed by something he said. I'm not certain what it was that he said, but whatever it was I am sure that he wishes now that he could have taken it back a thousand times over.

During the months that followed the reading with the gypsy, this young man was brutally attacked mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, long time friends turned their backs on him, his sister attacked him with a knife, and his parents turned their backs on him cutting him off from any and all family support, his fiancee broke up with him, and he was a law student with a promising future who was accused of a felony, convicted his bright future turned dim, and during his three-month stay in the county jail he was repeatedly attacked and sodomized by other inmates, during this time at night when he would try to sleep the gypsy would appear in his dreams demanding an apology, and although he would yell out his apology the attacks only continued to get more and more brutal.

He was convicted of a felony and placed on seven years probation, he was released fr...

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...nality, so does your God and my Goddess, and just as you and I have a positive side to our personality, we also have a negative, and so does your God and my Goddess, and as spiritual beings we have to accept responsibility for the names of our Gods that we invoke, for if we call upon a destructive aspect of our God we will be lavished with what ever negative karma that comes as a result, as a witch I often invoke various aspects of both the God and Goddess, and I do so with great care, and with even greater respect, for when we call upon one of the many aspects of our God we are calling out, reaching out to something that is greater than the power within ourselves and we must do so with caution, for although we may be at one with our Gods and the universe we are nothing more than a blade of grass, a grain of sand, or a speckle of dirt blowing across the winds of time.

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