Protecting Our Ethics: The Choice Between Freedom and Morality Essay

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Protect Our Ethics: The Choice between Freedom and Morality
The United States is guided by strict, moral laws that attempt to keep America ethical in nature; however, the laws concerning censorship are not as strict as some citizens would like them to be. Some people do not know how censorship can help society, but “it is the restriction, absolute or merely to some part of the population, by the proper political authorities, of intellectual, literary, or artistic material in any formant” (Free), which can help keep provocative images to a minimum. Censorship laws are bent which causes certain material to get past the censorship laws. The media exposes American citizens to many types of provocative messages, such as those found in music videos, pornography, radio, and even normal advertisements on television. The entertainment media is one of the biggest aspects of the world today, affecting society both positively and negatively. For example, it informs citizens of current events, the weather, and economic issues, which prove beneficial when necessary information is need. On the other hand, there are also negative effects that the entertainment media presents. For example, MTV is full of provocative material, not only in their music videos, but also in their reality television shows. Censorship should be taken more seriously because provocative images affect people in many different negative ways. Many people argue that some ideas lead to harmful action, and the entertainment industry should censor such ideas in order to protect the community (Free). By implementing entertainment censorship, many Americans will be saved from the adverse effects of viewing provocative images. The entertainment industry must carefully regulate i...

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