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The United States prides itself on its public education system making it a core value of many families. The level of education a person has will influence their career achievements. Americans expect their public system of education to provide a solid curriculum. Most of the people in the United States place their trust in the public school system in which they support through taxes. This trust although is contradicted by the public system of education’s current shape. Much of the schools in the United States are either deteriorating, or failing all together. The drawbacks of public education create an unhealthy environment for student learning.
Many people think public school can dip their hands into the public treasury for funding if they are ever in need of money; however many schools do not qualify to get these funds. “The disparate funding for public schools and between states and within metropolitan areas has turned some public schools into meccas for affluent students and others into decaying infrastructures with overcrowded classrooms and soaring drop-out rates” (PBS). People who attend the schools that cannot get their hands on the funds fall behind from those who attend highly funded schools. If a school is underfunded students are less enthusiastic since they have inferior supplies and run down building. It is unfair to people to have less opportunity simply because they live in a low income community. These individuals have difficulty leaving the low income neighborhoods due to lack of opportunities and struggle to give their children a better life. those same people often continue to live in one even as they raise their own children plaguing them to the same fate. Underfunded schools exhibit a classic e...

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