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Chapter 7 Discussion
7.1 Introduction
The chapter of discussion was composed of five parts: introduction, reflection on the project, reflection on implications of the project, reflection of the MA experience, and summary.

7.2 Reflection on the project
This was a long-term design project, and everything was fresh to me. Patience was the crucial and essential factor that was needed in such a long project in my view. Fortunately, I learned and gained the patience. Besides, communication was another extremely significant factor. It was essential to communicate and discuss with the pathway tutors and the course mates regularly, for the information of the tutor was the most useful advice in the process of major project. Overall, I achieved these two important factors which also could be described as strengths.

On the other hand, weaknesses existed. The primary research was the most difficult and frustrating sector, for it was difficult to keep in touch with the potential competitors; hence, a chance to learn more and analyse deeper from the potential competitors was missed. To conclude, the result and analysis of primary and market research which was based on the questionnaire was not convincing enough, and it was the main sector which needed to improve in the future.

The main problem which was needed to overcome was the selection of the fabric. Due to sustainable principle, I tried best to find the most sustainable fabrics; however, it was full of challenge. 100% silk organza, 100% silk taffeta and 100% Merino wool which were essential in my project were hard to discover in the fabric market in the UK. After consideration, I decided to order these expensive fabrics from China and finally sorted out the problem.

In ...

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...rks. In a word, the MA experience was considered to be a bridge that combines the student learning with working skills, it would be of great help for my future career.

Last but not least, the MA experience was a huge gift of experiencing the multi-cultural life, knowing a huge number of friends from everywhere of the world. During the UK life, I have improved my English into a higher level and experienced many interesting kinds of cultures, people, and lifestyles in the UK. All of the moments in the UK would be a forever memory in my life.

7.5 Summary
This chapter discussed the reflection on the project and the wider implications of the project, and demonstrated the reflection on the MA experience. In a word, the major project and the MA experience gave me an extraordinary chance to carry on the higher education and learn new and advanced learning skills.

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