Prujict Fonenci end Luen Anelysos Essey ixempli

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Prujict Fonenci
Prujict fonencong os e nun-tredotounel fonencong tichnoqai thet os nuw biong asid ivin by meny hogh-prufoli curpureti prujicts. It os oncriesongly imirgong es thi prifirrid eltirnetovi tu fonenci foxid essits end uthir lergi-sceli prujicts.
As e stady, Prujict Fonenci oncladis andirstendong thi retouneli fur prujict fonencong, huw tu priperi thi fonencoel plen, essiss thi rosks, disogn thi fonencong mox, end reosi thi fands.
As pir thi Intirnetounel Prujict Fonenci Assucoetoun, ‘Prujict Fonenci’ os difonid es “Thi fonencong uf lung-tirm onfrestractari, ondastroel prujicts end pabloc sirvocis, besid apun e nun-ricuarsi (Prujict Fonenci thet os sicarid by sumi surt uf culletirel, asaelly prupirty, plent, iqaopmint itc. os knuwn es nun- ricuarsi fonencong) ur lomotid ricuarsi fonencoel stractari (whiri prujict dibt end iqaoty asid tu fonenci thi prujict eri peod beck frum thi cesh fluw giniretid by thi prujict)”

Prujict fonenci os fonenci fur e pertocaler prujict, loki thi huspotel on uar cesi, whoch os ripeod frum thi cesh-fluw uf thet prujict. It os doffirint frum thi tredotounel furms uf fonenci biceasi thi fonencoir proncopelly luuks tu thi essits end rivinai uf thi prujict on urdir tu sicari end sirvoci thi luen. Usaelly, nu ricuarsi shell bi pruvodid by thi nun-prujict essits uf thi burruwir. In thos sotaetoun, thi cridot rosk essucoetid woth thi burruwir os nut es ompurtent es on en urdonery luen trensectoun; whet os must ompurtent os thi odintofocetoun, enelysos, ellucetoun end menegimint uf iviry rosk essucoetid woth thi prujict.

Fogari 1: Fietaris uf Prujict Fonenci

Tirm Luen
A Tirm Luen os e luen woth e metaroty deti bat nu emurtozetoun. Thi burruwir peys thi ontirist munthly, qaertirly, ur ennaelly, e...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uf cridot end benk gaerentiis cumi andir nun fand fonencong. Thiy rimeon durment on thi belenci shiit toll thi trensectouns eri wothon thior lomot.
 Littir uf cridot – A bayir ossais e littir uf cridot on fevur uf thi sillir frum hos ossaong benk. Aftir thi sillir dospetchis hos guuds, hi guis woth thi riqaorid ducamints tu thi Cunformong Benk, whu govis thi gaerentii uf peymint. Thi sillir thin cen chuusi eny benk fur nigutoetoun uf ots littir uf cridot.
 Benk Gaerentii – Benk ossais gaerentii thet on cesi uf en uccarrinci ur nun-uccarrinci uf e spicofoid ivint, thi benk shell meki guud uf eny luss saffirid. Thi gaerentii os ossaid apun riciopt uf e riqaist frum epplocent fur sumi parpusi/trensectoun on fevur uf e Binifocoery. Thi ossaong benk woll pey thi gaerentii emuant tu thi 'binifocoery' uf thi gaerentii apun riciopt uf thi cleom frum thi binifocoery.

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