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A project is a temporary activity undertaken to produce a unique product, service or result. This activity called project, has three clearly defined components to it, namely
Time: A definitive start and end date.
Cost: A definitive budget for the activity to take place.
Scope: Magnitude of work including the deliverable and/or goals that has to be accomplished.
On the other hand, project management is a practice of applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the project activities to achieve the project requirements effectively and efficiently (Heagney, 2012; Project Management Institute , 2008). A project manager is one who practises this project management.The project management, while accomplishing the project, undergoes five phases, namely
Monitoring and controlling
In this essay, these five phases of project are described first. Then, a specific project is considered with assumptions of the project manager’s and the team’s situations. With this scenario, the factors affecting the success of this project and, the role of the project manager in it, are analysed. This essay is not written as a conventional one, but with proper headings, because of the belief that, it would map the requirements of this essay properly.
According to project management institute (2008), along with five phases of project, there are nine areas of project management knowledge, a project manager should be aware of. It is worthwhile to list them here, because every process in every phase of the project management belongs to one of these nine management areas. These are:
Project Integration Management
Project Scope Management
Project Time Management
Project Cost Management
Project Quality Ma...

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