Private Schools vs. Public Schools Sports Teams Essay

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The imbalance between public and private school sports teams does not need to be adjusted. Private schools are offering an extra service that public schools cannot offer. That service is better teachers all the way to better coaches. There are no rules on how they can raise money for their athletic programs unlike public schools. Because of the athletic success more student athletes want to go to the private schools. Which in turn gives the student athletic a better opportunity to be recruited. No the private schools do not need to be adjusted public schools need to improve their outlook on athletics.
There is one thing that a lot of public schools do very well is make them magnet schools for arts, drama and science but they never come to the topic of athletics. This is the reason why public schools fail to meet the accolades of private schools. When you look at private schools the expectations of the parents and students is to have qualified coaches and parents are willing to pay for that level expertise.
When is the public school system going to improve their fields and weight rooms to that of the private schools? The private schools have set the bar at a level where we should be at. Why are we telling our students everyday to work hard and you will get the rewards. We don’t ask our student athletes to lower their standards, so why should we. The number one goal of any high school athletic department is to assist the student athletes. (Austin, 2012-13)
When you look at the private schools they meet those goals. It all comes down to the haves and have not’s the people with the most money wins. In this case it is the private schools. The biggest gap between public and private schools is the budgets 14.6% of the public schools ...

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