Primary and Backup Thinking Styles Essay

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Primary and Backup Thinking Styles
Introduction –
Life Style Inventor (LSI) is a methodology that is used to measure about 12 specific styles of patterns of thinking that can either help or hinder a person from reaching his or her potential, It is organized into three general clusters as follows, constructive, passive/defensive, and aggressive/defensive. The objective of this paper is to compare my computer-simulated evaluation of my personal life style based on the 12 styles of pattern against my personal behavior in real life and be able to find synergy between the two, and work on the weak life style to be able to reach my potential personally and professionally. This paper will review my primary and backup thinking style, impact on management style, genesis of personal style, and conclusion and reflection of the entire exercise as it concerns me, and my environment.
Primary and Backup thinking Style: - The LSI survey indicated that my primary personal thinking style is the Conventional style with percentile rating of 93%, while the backup are; humanistic-encouraging, dependent, and competitive with percentile rating of 90%. Critical examination of my survey with respect to both my primary and backup styles actually has close manifestation in my life and work, I could attribute the conventional life style I leave today from my family up bringing which was later compounded from my first employer (Schlumberger Oilfield services). The slogan in Schlumberger has always been “exhibit low profile” in fact; low profile is part of the mandatory training you will undergo when you join the company. Secondly, my mother raised us in a midst of traits due to the family. The Humanistic-Encourage is all part of me, I personally derived jo...

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... seem to believe with this form of personal evaluation about one’s lifestyle and character, but after taking this survey and review the interpretation. It is very intrigue to me that conventional people like me strictly adhere to and seldom question establish rules and procedure, this character is something of interest and I hope improve on it. Reflecting on the LSI result, the survey has recommended that becoming less conventional can result to reasonable benefits such as freedom to express myself, creative innovative approaches to tasks, self-set standards and goals, a strong more individualized sense of self, the confidence to fulfill my potential, and the ability to make my own decision. I believe that improving on this will help me to be more effective than I am today, because “your attitude determine your altitude” See appendix A for details of my LSI survey.

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