Anorexia Not just a Womens Disease Essay

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Anorexia Not just a womens disease

Anorexia: Not Just A Women’s Disease

“Oh I’m so fat”. This is not something we normally think of hearing out of a
man’s mouth. Women are thought to be the only ones that obsess over their
appearance. Therefore, anorexia is commonly thought to be a woman’s disease. But in
reality, there are many men fighting it. Out of the estimated eight million people in
the United States with anorexia, about ten percent of the cases are men (Something
Fishy, par.1). These are only reported cases. It is assumed that there is more, but the
men haven’t come forward, since it is very hard for a man to admit to having this

Nevertheless, there are a growing number of men in America with this disease,
and it needs to be dealt with. This paper will address the causes, affects, reason why
they hide it, and treatment of anorexia in men.

It is not known for sure what exactly causes anorexia in men. But there are a few theories on it. One theory on the cause of anorexia in men is our culture today. Most people think our culture only influences women with the constant pressure to be skinny, with the magazines, and the skinny models, and everything. But actually, society influences men to be thin quite a bit too. What’s acceptable for a man’s body shape is very limited here in America. More and more magazines for men are about fitness, weight
lifting, and body building(Highlights, par. 6). The media and entertainment industry really focuses on a nicely built, “in shape man“. So some men do feel pressure to be physically fit. Of the men that are overweight, some may choose anorexia as a way to diet. Anorexia in men is rare of course, but it does happen.


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