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The Types of Skiing Essay

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     Every four years in the Winter Olympics, we see professional athletes
compete in many areas ranging from downhill skiing to high-speed bobsledding.
We see the professionals demonstrate their spectacular abilities, and we try to
emulate them in our own activities. In the Olympics, cross-country and downhill
skiing are two very popular sports, and even non-professionals can get into them.
In this essay I will classify the various types of skiing into three categories
and inform you about each.

     The first type of skiing that I will discuss is cross-country skiing.
As its name implies, cross-country skiing consists of horizontal travel across
flat land and relatively few hills. Cross-country skis are not optimized for
speed, but instead for easier long distance travel. This type of skiing is also
the least expensive of the three types and has recently been gaining many new
enthusiasts. A decent quality cross-country ski package would cost around $150.
As for choosing equipment, the skier should pick out poles that are as tall as
his shoulders. (For most people this would mean a 140 cm to 150 cm pole.) Skis
come in three common sizes, 190 cm, 210, cm and 240 cm, and the proper length
depends on the height of the person. To determine the size needed, the person
should hold his hands above his head and choose the ski that most closely
approximates the distance from the base of his palm to the floor. The
following table gives some guidelines as to which ...

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