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Restaurant Management

     Running a restaurant can be one of the most stressful jobs as well as the most fun and rewarding jobs. If the manager is a good leader with excellent leadership skills and has great followers the restaurant will be rewarded. If not the restaurant will plummet in sales and no one will be pleased. While developing a business. staff is important to running a successful restaurant, it is also essential that management focus on its public relations as well as its sales and marketing strategies.

     Staff developing is vital for restaurants to run smoothly. A restaurant is composed of two sectors; a Front of House (FOH) and theirs a Back of House (BOH). The front of the house is what is visible to the customers? eye. Customers can not see the back of the house. Back of the house is where cooks prepare the food and where the dishwasher is located. Manager Brian Aycock explained that if a manager develops his staff, it makes the restaurant run smooth. The store will profit, the employees and the guest will be satisfied (Aycock). If the staff is not getting along, a lot of tension will grow inside the restaurant and co-workers will not work with one another as a team. In return the customers will not be happy and the profit will not be as desirable. When customers are not happy with the visit they had at the restaurant, they will then spread the word to all their friends.

     Each staff member of the restaurant should have nice and clean hygiene along with good manners. Having good hygiene is very important whether an employee is waiting tables, washing dishes, or cooking. If an employee does not shower friction will start to grow between the staff and no one would like to work or even be around that employee. Working in the food service industry with overgrown nails or dirty nails is against the health code and could contaminate the food being prepared by the employee. Being around a customer with bad hygiene could possibly hinder the customer from having a memorable time at the restaurant. Having good manners is also mandatory for every staff member so that no problems can surface between the staff and customers. Steve Marchetti explained that each employee are to meet the minimal standards set forth in the employee handbook and also deliver on the company?s commitment to their customers (Marchetti). A restaurants commitment...

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...ded once they see that the sales will be increasing and tips will be larger. Good staff will increase good public relations which will result in better business. Marketing a restaurant is the most important part in running a restaurant. If a restaurant is not marketed, no one will know about the restaurant causing it to lose money to operate forcing it to close down. Prices on the menu should always be appealing to the restaurant target market and set towards the products on the menu. It is essential that a restaurant develops its staff to the fullest, for a strong staff creates better sales and the public is pleased .

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