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Society today has been clouded and somewhat overtaken by social drugs. Wherever you may look, a drug is being used, whether it is more commonly a cigarette being smoked on the street, or the covert teens smoking marijuana in secluded areas. In any case, there is not one person who can say drug use is not prevalent, since society has made it clear through news, music and everyday life. However, there are certain drugs that seem to be worse than others, and society once again has taught us that through our laws and restrictions. The worse the drug, the more you pay for having it. Basically, drugs have become a part of our life, and you never know when they can land on your doorstep.
     An illegal drug, which has taken firm ground in society, is heroin. Heroin is one of the most used “hard” drugs in society today. Even though it is illegal, surveys have proved that many people have done and are still doing heroin. The worst part is that heroin is classified as having the worst addiction and withdrawal symptoms than any other drug. Heroin is known as “H” or “Brown”, and is related to other drugs because of its elementary foundation.
     Heroin is related to morphine and codeine, since all three are derived from the opium poppy plant. They are called opiates, and are found in the dried “milk” of opium poppy seeds. Morphine and codeine are both very effective painkillers and are used for medical uses, such as cough medicines and after surgery painkillers. However, these drugs can form a quick dependency in the people that use them, and therefore must be used with caution.
     The opium poppy plant and its use date back as far as 6000-year-old Sumerian texts. The Sumerians are an ancient people, and referred to the poppy plant as the “joy plant.” In either the 7th or 8th centuries, it is believed that Arab traders brought opium to China, where it was used as medicine. At about the 17th century, it was realized that opium could be smoked. Later on m the Portuguese, then the British were supplying China with most of its opium. Britain would also sell opium to India to be smuggled into China, and in turn, the Chinese government would destroy the opium imports before it reached China. This little plant sparked two wars between China and Britain, and in conclusion, Britain received Hong Kon...

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...tes to relieve withdrawal symptoms, and the person can be okay without the drug. Within detox, a person can talk to a counselor, so while their body is becoming physically better, psychologically they can be helped. Heroin addicts definitely need psychological help. Their minds tend to focus on getting more heroin and doing whatever they can to get it. This is so even if it means stealing or hurting friends and family.
In conclusion, heroin is a disgusting drug, which can harm you and take away important time of your life. It is easy to overdose, you mess with the way you think, and the way your nervous system works. Heroin is the most addictive drug out there because the symptoms you get when you don’t have it are absolutely horrible. Synthetic opiates such as LAAM and methadone are drugs that can help a person get the physical experience, but still becoming free of the drug itself. The abuse of Heroin can destroy a person’s life, their friendships, and their bodies. When someone is addicted to heroin, they not only hurt themselves, they hurt the people who love them.
Heroin Abuse and Addiction.”     “Opiates/Heroin.”

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