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Report on Classification Of Business

Classification of Businesses according to their types of activity:

Primary Sector Businesses: The gathering of raw materials, such as
fish, oil, or coal from the land or sea or growing using the earth to
grow things such as crops or trees

Examples: Rio Tinto (Mining), JCI Gold (Mining), Anglo Amer (Mining),
BP (Oil and Gas), and Soco International (Oil and Gas).

Secondary Sector Businesses: The processing of raw materials into
finished goods. Examples of this are food production, computer
component manufacture, and car manufacture.

Examples: Schweppes (Food and Drink), Unilever (Food and Drink), Intel
(Computer Component Production) and Ati (Computer Component

Tertiary Sector Businesses: This sector contains organisations
supplying services, and includes both commercial services providers
(banking, finance and retail), as well as direct service providers
(Health and education).

Examples: Stagecoach (Transport), British Airways (Transport), CGNU
(Insurance), BT (Telecommunications) and Natwest (Banking).

Classification of Business According to their Broad Ownership:

Public Sector: The part of an economy that consists of state owned
institutions, including nationalised industries and services provided
by local authorities.

Examples: BBC (Television Broadcast), Post Office (Communications),
and The National Grid (Electrical Distribution).

Public Companies: Companies whose shares may be purchased by the
public and traded freely on the open market and whose share capital is
not less than a statutory minimum.

Examples: Marconi (Communications and Defence), Sony (Electrical
Equipment), Hitachi (Electrical Equipment).

Classification of Business according to their Size:

Number of Employees: Total Number of people employed by a company.
Currently the top company in the UK using this method is;

Unilever (Food Products) (261, 000 employees)

Profit: Total amount of capital left after deducting all costs.
Currently the top company in the UK using this method is;

Royal Dutch/Shell Group (Oil and Gas) ($M12, 719)

Market Capitalisation: The value of 1 share times the amount of
shares. Currently the top company in the UK using this method is;

Royal Dutch/Shell Group (Oil and Gas) ($M216, 361)

Revenue: The gross income a business enterprise, usually...

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...5, 724, and so far this year, its revenues come to £M6, 942.

Although the company is turning over a very large revenue, their
profits in recent years have been in decline.

Last years earnings per share were 18pence, and so far this year, the
earnings per share are a loss of 10pence. Share Prices dropped
dramatically over the summer of 2001, to an all time low of 52.9pence.
Some investors thought that the shares could not possibly drop any
further, and so invested in some shares. Unfortunately, share prices
did drop even further to 28.4pence. There is currently a slow trickle
of increase in profit, to their current price of 32.5pence, due to
Marconi coming into profit again (£5,000,000 in the second quarter,
compared to an operating loss of £222,000,000 in the first quarter).

Marconi, like Marks and Spencer Plc have a strong brand name, but this
is only as important in their industry as in that they have a long
list of clients, built up over the years, many of who will do repeat
transactions with the company.

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- The Financial Times


- Collins Concise English Dictionary

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