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Advantages of Teaching

Before choosing to pursue any profession the pros and cons of entering that particular field of work need to be weighed. In a survey by the National Education Association that appeared on the organization’s website during a two week period, 79% of the respondents said they would consider going into teaching compared to the 21% that said they would not (National Education Association website, 2002). Obviously, choosing teaching as a career must have some rewards if so many people are considering entering the education field. One of the positive reasons swaying people to become teachers is that teachers are able to have very flexible schedules.

Flexible Schedules

Teaching does require putting in many hours. However, some these hours can be put in while at home. Thus, even though being a good teacher requires a large time commitment, there is a “measure of flexibility where teachers can be at home with the kids” ( Parkay & Hardcastle, 1990, p.8). Being able to do some work at home makes it easier for teachers to have families.

Having coinciding vacation time with their children also enables teachers to spend more time with their families. Having a daily work schedule that mirrors their children’s time in school gives teachers a more convenient schedule. Even if a teacher doesn’t have a family, the vacation time he or she receives is very generous. There are Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks along with long summer vacations during which they can earn extra money with a part time job (Parkay & Hardcastle, 1990, p.8).

Easy to Find a Job

Finding a teaching job with flexible schedule is not hard. “The U.S. Department of Education estimates 2.2million (teachers) will need to be hired by...

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This article looks to see if the teacher shortage really exists.

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