Bullying and Violence in Public Schools Essay

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Bullying and Violence in Public Schools

Although bullying has always been a problem in schools, it has more recently become a bigger crisis with vicious consequences. “However it is defined, bullying is not just child’s play, but a terrifying experience many schoolchildren face everyday. It can be as direct as teasing, hitting or threatening, or as indirect as exclusions, rumors or manipulation” (Garrett 2). Most kids do not think certain actions are classified as bullying, yet they do not realize the severity of the way they treat their peers. What they may see as “joking around” can be viewed as them being a bully, and they may even be hurting someone’s feelings without realizing the effect that they have. This can then lead to school violence, which is a prevalent issue in today’s society. There are many causes to bullying and school violence and many effects as well. However, if dealt with properly, there are ways to solve these prevailing problems.

“One in seven children is a bully or the target of a bully, according to the National Association of School Psychologists” (Garrett 34). Therefore, it is important that everyone understands what causes this much bullying to occur. One of the first things influencing kids is violence in the media. “Countless studies have determined that there is an irrefutable link between violence in the media and violent behavior in children, argues former secretary of education William J. Bennett” (Grapes 57). Popular culture seems to have an enormous effect on the young, and a lot of times it is not in a positive manner. For example, many television shows and movies show violence in school. The movie Scream is about two high school students who are trying...

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...or problems, especially in today’s society. There are many reasons why these issues arise, and many negative effects that stem from them. It is pertinent that solutions are brought about so that children can stop being hurt. “In our quest to provide the quality education that our children deserve, this problem can no longer be treated lightly” (Garrett 2). If this problem of the present can be turned around to make a brighter future, school will be a safer place where all students can be comfortable and able to succeed.


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