Censorship and Information Privacy Policies in Eastern Asia and the United States of America

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Censorship and Information Privacy Policies in Eastern Asia and the United States of America


Fifteen or twenty years ago, no one would have been able to predict the magnitude of the impact that the evolution of computer internetworking technologies has had on the world. The advancement of computers and networking technologies, as well as the constant flow of new innovations has forever changed the way the human race communicates. People across the globe have been given a medium through which they can express their ideas and beliefs freely…for the most part. Many cultures span this great planet of ours, each with different cultural, spiritual and governmental beliefs. Some of these cultures share common beliefs, but as far as censorship and information privacy are concerned, there are some notable differences. Here in the United States, Internet communication is a way of life. Instant messaging, e-commerce, and World Wide Web surfing are staples in many American’s lives. Citizens are allowed to post web pages containing various types of material with minimal fear of governmental interference. On the contrary, East Asian countries such as China and Singapore are subject to far more intense scrutiny. While it would be easy to judge these sorts of censorship and privacy invasion policies as being immoral, there is definitely more to these policies than meets the eye.

Censorship and Information Policies in the USA

The United States has been a breeding ground for many of the major developments in the realm of internetworking. With the releases of these technologies come practical applications for them in the consumer world. Once computer networks became affordable for the general public, the World Wid...

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...he beauty of the study of philosophy and ethics allows there to be different points of view; this case is no different.

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