Can Economic Aid Make a Difference in Flow of Drugs? Essay

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Can Economic Aid Make a Difference in Flow of Drugs?

1. The United States government spends nearly $100 million annually, working towards the goal of greatly reducing the drug flow into this country (Abbott 160). Compared to the $100 million the U.S. spends, the $3 to $5 billion the Latin American countries bring in each year from drug trafficking is quite unbalanced. While researchers agree drug crops create a source of income for a number of Latin American people, they disagree about whether or not economic aid from the United States can make a big enough difference to slow the drug flow into the country.

2. Some experts believe crop substitution is one way the economic aid money could be used to curb drug trafficking. Bruce Michael Bagley, from the Journal of International Studies and World Affairs, reports that the United States could help the Latin American nations by coming up with programs for the coca farmers to substitute their crops and income with legal plantings and earnings(Massing 176). L. Douglas Wilder, TransAfrica Forum, agrees with Bagley and adds the farmers in these source nations do not grow coca leaves to get rich, but because they need to provide for their families (Massing 180). Colombia’s attorney general, Horaciio Serpa, also believes that in the drug producing zones, resources for crop substitution are needed so that the peasant farmers can still make a living growing these new crops (Massing 180-81).

3. On the other hand, the opposing side claims that crop substitution is not enough, contending the Latin American countries also need additional financial support from the consumer countries. According to J. Martinez Vera, World Press Review, changing the crops will only work i...

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...n the economic aid provided by the United States make a big enough difference to slow the drug flow?

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