Nothing Compares to Teaching Essay

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Nothing Compares to Teaching

When I first started college I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I would ask myself “If I could do anything I wanted to do for eight hours a day and get paid for it, what would I do?” After thinking about that question a couple of times the answer seemed perfectly clear. Spending my career devoted to children would be the most rewarding thing I could do with my life. There are many other jobs that revolve around children, but none that could compare to teaching.

The most important goal in my classroom will be to ensure that my teaching methods are effective. No matter what I am teaching from reading and writing, to how to line up quietly my approach has to be effective. Figuring out how to be effective can be a challenge. Progressivism and pragmatism have an interesting theory. Having knowledge at any age is useless if you do not know how to apply the knowledge. Holding a student’s interest is a very important part of the learning process. Children are naturally curious. Their curiosity can be very useful in the classroom. Being able to teach information in a way that strikes their curiosity is the first step of successful teaching. The students need to be able to connect with what is being taught on a level that interests them. Letting children have the opportunity to use the information they learn in a practical, hands on, way is very important.

The diversity of students is a major factor when it comes to discipline and other methods of teaching. Students learn in a variety of ways. Of the five major educational theories, I believe an eclectic approach is the best. I will never have a classroom full of students in whic...

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...fectively teach at the college level. After being a student for so many years, I have learned a lot from many of my professors and I feel that I may have something to share with those that may someday teach my children.

There are many goals I hope to accomplish in my classroom each year. I’m sure as I gain experience in the classroom each year, my goals will change. Helping students realize the importance of education is very crucial. I believe the elementary level is the best time to begin to encourage children to take their education seriously. Everyday offers a chance to increase your knowledge and try something new. The opportunity to share this with children on a daily basis is a blessing. I hope to be able to instill one core belief in all of the students that enter my classroom; “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

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