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A Heartfelt Wedding Speech by the Father of the Groom

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A Heartfelt Wedding Speech by the Father of the Groom

There is a small amount of humor at the beginning and toward the end of the speech, but it is the sentiment that makes it special. The speech ends with some advice for the bride and groom, which is touching, and a toast in the form of a poem.

The happy couple, reverend celebrant, dear guests. The first wedding speech I ever gave was in 1958 when I married the groom's mother.

Oh, I was in love! I remember clearly what a great feeling courtship gave me. I used to lie awake all night thinking about something she said. After we married and had four kids I'd fall asleep before she finished saying it.

I'd like to focus on my son for a moment. He's married now, this may be his last chance to be the center of attention.

His arrival on this earth was a most significant event for us as his safe delivery was my wife's first after many disappointments. He was both long-awaited and much-wanted. Other birth disappointments followed but where there is a strong desire for offspring there is a way and eventually We were blessed with four lovely children. And they in turn have given me grandchildren who give me great pleasure.

When you are raising your kids you often wonder if You are getting it right. Forgive my little boast, but when I see how my children have turned out, its all been worthwhile. Every one of them, their partners, and my grandchildren are worth knowing.

My son did not get the best start in life, losing his mother when he was sixteen years of age. Having me as a father did not always help. Fewfathers aree equipped to be mothers too, to bridge the gap successfully.

His mother and I felt he got every one of the personal qualities of both of us. Some of ...

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...iderable amount of hard work and organization and I commend the bride and groom for the effort they have made to ensure a day worth remembering. It’s their day, they’ve worked hard, and done good.

What I wish most for them is that they be each other’s best mate. You can have all the love in the world swirling through the ether, flashing lights, sky rockets and balloons going up, but unless your partner is your best mate, the one who is always there for you, the one most interested in what you think and say, you will be missing out on the best of life's greatest institution.

Would you please join me in this toast to the newlyweds:

May you live as long as you like, and have all you need for as long as you live.
May the road you choose be smooth, and your burdens light.
May your pleasure in each other, grow with your years together.
The bride and groom.

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