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Wedding Speech - Best Man

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Wedding Speech - Best Man

First I?d like to thank GROOMS NAME for those kind words ? some sort of response is probably in order

Before I start, if there's anybody here who feels a little nervous and apprehensive, it's probably because you've just got married to GROOMS NAME.

I have a bit of an issue to raise, it has come to my attention that there is a bet on about the length of the Best Man's speech.... however I am sure you will all be glad to know that I got wind of this and have put a bet down of an hour, and with the kitty currently at $100 you might as well all settle and enjoy the ride...

So I have a bit of a dilemma ? do I drag the speech out for the hour so I win or do I get on with it so we can get in the bar?

As best man I have a few specific jobs to do today, this being one of them, and an earlier one being to make sure GROOMS NAME got here on time and in decent form, sober and smart - it is my responsibility to make sure his face and hair are in order. I think that this duty is quite unfair, and have frankly just tried to do the best I could given what I had to work with, although at least his hair today is a considerable improvement on some of the styles that he has sported over the years, which include a pony tail and an impeccable bob.

Another duty is to make sure that certain people are thanked for their part in today, so I?d like to take some time to thank a couple of people who ...

... middle of paper ... with you both?long may it continue?

So, ladies and gentlemen, it really has been an honour and a pleasure being best man, but today I am the best man in title only. It?s GROOMS NAME and BRIDES NAME?s day and I wish them all the happiness in the world for this new chapter in their lives.

To round up then, I d like to thank you all for your attention, and let
me just say that if you've enjoyed listening to this speech as much as I
enjoyed making it, then all I can do is apologise most sincerely.

That's it. I am sure you will be as glad as me that there is no more, bar a toast, so if you would all please charge your glasses and be upstanding?ladies and gentlemen, the toast is the bride and groom?

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