Appearance and Steroids Essay

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Appearance and Steroids

Why does our appearance have such an impact on our lifestyles? Do people need huge muscles and beautiful bodies to be noticed? Many people feel we do, and that's why steroid use is at its highest. People still use the drug even though they know the risks. Is this shortcut for muscular gain worth sickness, disease or fatality? People should understand what steroids do to their bodies and minds before they decide to use the drug. The consumption of steroids has a negative effect on the body and people that use steroids are destroying their lives.
Anabolic steroids are drugs that increase human muscle and mass, and also reduce body fat. They are derived from the male sex hormone, testosterone. Naturally, steroids are found in the human body. They are found in sex hormones, bile acids and cholesterol. These hormones give assistance to many bodily functions. These are the hormones that make men masculine. It is what gives them their deep voices, facial hair, and aggressive behavior. Steroids are what promote the growth of muscle tissue. Steroids are also produced artificially. They can be used for medical reasons, but they are used mostly to enhance a person's physique or for performance purposes. Medically, anabolic steroids are available by prescription. Due to the addiction and abuse of anabolic steroids, they were banned in the United States in 1973. However, this does not prevent people from getting their hands on steroids anywhere, especially the gym. Many private gym owners are involved in selling steroids to their customers (Clayton 23).
A great body is something that everyone wants, and in our society, physical appearance is very important. Everyone notices the way peop...

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...maybe they will think twice before they decide to use them. Even though steroids make people look great, they damage both minds and bodies, and sometimes after people lose their addiction, they are never the same.



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